Attend a Game-Changing PGC Basketball Camp!

who is pGC For?

Every year over 10,000 players from middle school to college attend a PGC basketball camp —but PGC is not for every player. PGC is for dedicated players who truly want to get better.

Players of all positions are welcome!

Any player will benefit from PGC basketball camps—regardless of position or skills—as long as they want to learn and get better.

PGC is for Coaches, too!

This off-season, discover how to create a championship culture, get your team better shots, maximize your practice time, and make your team unstoppable. Attend PGC as an Observing Coach — LEARN MORE.

What THEY SAY about Point guard college…

“Point Guard College will greatly improve the play of any aspiring player.”

Coach John Wooden (1910-2010)
Coach of the Century by ESPN
Winner of 10 NCAA Championships

Our entire university team attended Point Guard College and it was the BEST teaching program I’ve ever seen!”

Coach Shawnee Harle
Assistant Coach, Team Canada
Former Head Coach, University of Calgary

If you can attend only one basketball camp this summer, make it Point Guard College. If you can attend five basketball camps this summer, make them all Point Guard College.

Coach Greg Brittenham
New York Knicks
Former Assistant Coach


To win a championship or play in college, high basketball IQ is essential. Yet, few players devolop this aspect of the game.

Get the uncommon skills, habits, and mindset Jamal Murray and other pros discovered at PGC to take their game to the highest levels.